Actual Demolition Recycling and Reuse Plan

I thought it may help someone to see our most recent Reuse plan, this project was done in Madison, WI.   A home was badly burned, and needed to be fully demo’d and removed – including the existing foundation, a simple, but effective plan:

1) Reuse Plan. FB from Habitat for Humanity ReStore said the fire was too much to be able to salvage materials from the home.  We spoke and he drove by to take a closer look, and returned the call saying there is nothing they can use in there.  I believe we talked and/or exchanged messages on May 20th, 21st, and 22nd.

Stanley will be doing the demolition and removal/recycling.  The large metal pieces are removed by Stanley and scrapped for recycle at Samuel recycling.  The remaining improvements are crushed and filtered with magnets for the remaining metals at Second Season.  They are then used in silt socks for erosion control.

2) Appliance Recycling.  The laundry – washer and dryer were not harmed by the fire, and will be reused by the owner.  The air conditioner condenser unit was checked and can be reused.  The furnace, although new and high efficiency, is shot from the fire hose water pouring into it.  This along with the hot water heater will be taken to Samuel for recycling.

3) Mecury Recovery/Recycling. The first two floors are completely shot, but we were able to pull 4 fluorescent bulbs and two fluorescent tubes from the basement.  The four bulbs work and are currently in line to be used in my home.  The tubes will be recycled.

4) Concrete/Asphalt Recycling. Concrete from the foundation will be taken to Northwestern where it is used again in gravel.

5) Metal Recycling. Large metal is stripped out by Stanley to be brought to Samuel and small metal is further filtered out with magnet at Second Season.

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