Tarkett Laminate Flooring

Tarkett is the world’s second largest manufacture of laminate flooring. For those that are unsure of what laminate flooring is, it is simply flooring that looks like real wood flooring, however it is not. This makes it much more affordable for those that want ‘hardwood’ floors to have the look without the incurring the expense of the real thing. Furthermore, Tarkett laminate flooring offers five different categories of laminate flooring.

The many styles that Tarkett laminate flooring offers is immense, meaning that there is something for everyone. For example, Tarkett offers Aberdeen Oak, Patina Teak, Morris Walnut, Brazilian Chestnut, Elegant Cherry, Kona Teak, Plum Select, Concrete, Mexican Rosewood, Butternut, Plum Tree, Red Oak, Tigerwood, Wild Cherry, Walnut, Williston Birch, Maple floors, Modern Sycamore and Distressed Oak types of flooring. This is a huge amount of selection, which means there is something for every price budget. All of these types of woods are available in numerous patterns. For example, traditional patterns that make them appear to be real hardwood to those patterns that are developed at Tarkett to produce a unique feeling to any room.

What is more is that the flooring products that Tarkett does offer and ensure to be safe for the home. This means that the quality of the products are ideal for those that suffer from indoor allergies or asthma and using their products should eliminate these problems. Tarkett is also an environmental friendly company, meaning that their flooring options use 80% recycled materials.

What is even more appealing about their products is that the laminate floors are installed without glue. This means that you can easily use the same floor for another room if you decide to change. This is something that is extremely rare and limit’s the amount of waste and the amount of money that you will have to invest into your flooring. If looking for quality laminate flooring, then Tarkett is bound to have something that is appealing to you.

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