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What Your Doctor Wants You to Know

Going to the doctor is just part of life. We all have to visit the doctor from time to time. Sometimes it is for a routine check-up or some blood work and other times, we go to get an antibiotic or other medication for illnesses that crop up along the way. Unfortunately, going to the doctor makes many people nervous. If you experience "waiting room" anxiety, you aren't alone! In fact, many people will have elevated blood pressure, excess sweating, and even trembling in the hour leading up to a doctor's appointment. The best way to cope with this situation is to better understand what your doctor is all about. There are several things that your doctor wants you to know. Keep these in mind and it will help your next visit go smoothly with minimum anxiety for everyone involved.

Be Honest with Me.

Many people lie to the doctor because they want to avoid lectures. You will inevitably be asked if you smoke, drink, and exercise regularly. Answer these questions honestly. If you smoke a pack a day, don't lie to the doctor. Speak up and tell the truth. It will make your doctor's job a whole lot easier!

Ask Me Questions.

Have you ever left the doctor's office with dozens of unanswered questions swirling through your mind? Don't let this happen to you. Speak up while the doctor is in the room and ask the things you want to know. Your doctor is there to help you with any physical problems and if you have questions, you have every right to ask. Your doctor wants you to get involved in your own health and it makes him or her happy when you are prepared to ask questions.

Keep Your Weight Down.

One of the most traumatic aspects of a doctor's appointment can be stepping on the scale. To avoid a really awkward conversation about the need to lose weight, work to keep it down ahead of time. By maintaining a healthy weight, you can make a big difference in your overall health.

Kiss Tobacco Good-bye.

Doctors all agree that smoking is a terrible thing to do to your body. Tobacco cigarette smoke causes cancer, heart disease, and dozens of other life threatening problems. If you must smoke, choose the electronic cigarettes you can find at Vape Shops. Your doctor can explain the difference in detail, but companies like Blu Cig and Green Smoke offer e-cigs that are smoke free and can be found online at While you are still getting the nicotine you need, you can at least eliminate the dangerous smoke that is released by tobacco cigarettes.

With these few tips in mind, you will know how to talk to your doctor. Be prepared for your visit by maintaining a healthy weight, trading tobacco cigarettes for the new e-cig, and writing down any questions for your doctor. Above all, be honest with your doctor and you will get the best healthcare possible.

Deciding What Madison Apartment Floor is Your Best Fit

When looking at all of the available apartments in Madison it is good to know what floor within the building is ideal for you and your undividual needs. To some individuals the floor that their apartment is on is extremely important and knowing this information helps to decrease the amount of potential units you have to view and prevents you from wasting time. If you bare one of those individuals who likes to be high up don’t include any units on your list of possibilities if they are not on an upper floor or in a high rise building. Other individuals may not be picky about what floor their unit is on, but for added security would rather not be positioned on the ground floor. When looking at Madison apartments just know what aspects are important to you and which ones you are willing to compromise on.

One of the top reasons renters like their Madison apartment unit to be on a higher floor is so that they can enjoy the beautiful view. If a view is important to you when looking for a new place to call home be aware that beautiful views cost and the monthly rent for these units will probably be higher. Depending on the location of the unit it might not be necessary to have a unit that is on the top floor in order to get a great view and if that is the case it will save you money on your rent as well. A lot of houses are for rent in the Vilas area in Madison WI.  Another reason why individuals may prefer apartment units high up is because the sounds that other residents make moving around won’t concern them since no one will be above them.

When considering what floor is a better fit for you also consider what your access will be like, will you be able to come and go with ease. If your needs don’t permit you the time to have to constantly wait on an elevator than it would be a good idea to get a unit on a lower floor so that it would be easier for you to take the stairs to more quickly get in and out of the building.

Cleaning Sports Team Uniforms

Having a child playing on a sports team whether this is with the community or with the school means having a sports team uniform in which the mom or dad is having to keep clean. Depending on which sport that the person is playing there are tons of cleaning nightmares that the person can run into. For example, dirt buried into the knees of the pants, grass stains on the arms of the shirts, sweat stains in the shirts, and the like. Those that have older kids could even be dealing with dried blood into their uniforms. So what can a person do?

A sports uniform is issued once to a person and there is no way to go buy another one. Thus, they have just one chance to keep this looking great. For the most part, having some type of stain fighter on hand is a must. You will want something that is known to get out those hard, set in stains since you may not notice the stain until you are getting ready to do laundry. If you do notice this before laundry day, pretreat this immediately. The sooner that the stain is pretreated, the better off it will be and the easier it will be to get this out.

Wash the fun work uniforms in cold water. Warm or hot water will not only shrink the uniform, but will also cause colors to run and stains to set in. You may find that you have to work on the stain a few times, never dry the uniform until you are sure that the stain is removed.

Used Cars: Good or Bad

For those that are on the market to buy a car, they may be considering whether they should buy a used car or not. They are going to find that there are good and bad things about buying a used car. And these aspects should be considered by the person to determine if this is the best option for them or not. If the person finds it, then they are going to find that they can get a great bargain on a car that they are wanting, which is one of the biggest benefits of buying a used car. Another good point about used cars is that the person can find older cars that are going to be cheaper on car insurance as well.

The negative about used cars in Madison, WI is that you do not really know what you are getting since the person may find that someone had this car before them that did not take care of it. When this happens, the person may find that they have to deal with problems upon problem due to how this car was treated. This can be a huge inconvenience and can cost the person even more money than what they paid for the actual car. Other people find that a used car is going to only last them a few years, whereas if they were to buy new, they could make this car last longer.

So should you buy a used car? Most people will find that this is a good decision since they are going to find that there are reliable used cars out there for them to use.

Tarkett Laminate Flooring

Tarkett is the world’s second largest manufacture of laminate flooring. For those that are unsure of what laminate flooring is, it is simply flooring that looks like real wood flooring, however it is not. This makes it much more affordable for those that want ‘hardwood’ floors to have the look without the incurring the expense of the real thing. Furthermore, Tarkett laminate flooring offers five different categories of laminate flooring.

The many styles that Tarkett laminate flooring offers is immense, meaning that there is something for everyone. For example, Tarkett offers Aberdeen Oak, Patina Teak, Morris Walnut, Brazilian Chestnut, Elegant Cherry, Kona Teak, Plum Select, Concrete, Mexican Rosewood, Butternut, Plum Tree, Red Oak, Tigerwood, Wild Cherry, Walnut, Williston Birch, Maple floors, Modern Sycamore and Distressed Oak types of flooring. This is a huge amount of selection, which means there is something for every price budget. All of these types of woods are available in numerous patterns. For example, traditional patterns that make them appear to be real hardwood to those patterns that are developed at Tarkett to produce a unique feeling to any room.

What is more is that the flooring products that Tarkett does offer and ensure to be safe for the home. This means that the quality of the products are ideal for those that suffer from indoor allergies or asthma and using their products should eliminate these problems. Tarkett is also an environmental friendly company, meaning that their flooring options use 80% recycled materials.

What is even more appealing about their products is that the laminate floors are installed without glue. This means that you can easily use the same floor for another room if you decide to change. This is something that is extremely rare and limit’s the amount of waste and the amount of money that you will have to invest into your flooring. If looking for quality laminate flooring, then Tarkett is bound to have something that is appealing to you.

How to choose a portable generator for your family

Do you remember what you were doing the last time that your power went out? If you have already invested in a portable generator for your family, then you were probably on your way to start it up and get back to whatever you were doing before the power went out. If not, you were probably rummaging around in the dark for flashlights or candles so that you could walk around without tripping over your dog. If the latter is the case, it’s time to get a portable generator for your family.

To do this, you’ll need to determine what your power needs will be. You can do this by adding up the total wattage (this info should be on a label on the back of the appliance) of all of the appliances that you plan to use your generator to power. Some important appliances you’ll want to include are refrigerators and freezers, along with your stove, lights and probably your fans. Once you’ve determined how much power you’ll need it’s simply a matter of choosing a portable generator that is capable of delivering sufficient power with a little to spare.

There are server brands of portable generators at various price points, which is where you need to make your next decision. You could choose an entry level generator such as a Yamaha portable generator, which offers several inexpensive, lightweight models, or a contractor grade generator such as a DeWalt portable generator which offers far more reliability and durability as well as more power. If your needs are somewhere in the middle, you’re bound to find a brand that matches your needs perfectly.

What makes a Honda generator so special?

One on the most popular portable generator brands in the consumer market today is Honda thanks to their quality and reliability. From a relaxing camping or fishing trip with your family to working on a construction job site, you will find that a Honda generator will provide the power you need more quietly and reliably than any other brand of portable generator.

For small power needs, check out the Honda EU1000. Weighing in at only 29 lbs, this portable generator provides enough power to run small power tools or kitchen appliances for 8.3 hours on a single tank of gas – all while maintaining a noise level lower than a a typical conversation! If you are a heavy duty user then take a look at the more robust Honda EM5000s, which is adequate to power your home during power outages.

A few more popular brands:

Homelite Generators

Caterpillar Generators

Coleman Generators

How Hybrid Cars Operate

One current popular environmentally-friendly transportation alternative is the hybrid car.  A hybrid car is a passenger vehicle that uses two separate engine types.  These are commonly gasoline and electric.  There are diesel/electric hybrids but they are not common in the U.S.  Gasoline/electric hybrids are made in two types: parallel and series.

In a parallel hybrid car, both the gasoline engine and the electric motor operate together to propel the vehicle.  In contrast, the series hybrid features either a gasoline engine that directly powers the electric motor, and, in turn, the vehicle or the gasoline engine charges the batteries that power the electric motor.

Regenerative braking is a feature common to both types of hybrid cars.  This process stores the energy used in braking in the batteries which power the electric motor.  In a traditional braking system, you step on the brake and remove energy from the car.  The brakes remove this energy and remove it in the form of heat.  In the hybrid, this energy is stored in the battery for later use.

Both types of hybrids have small gasoline engines, which produce less pollution than standard cars.  However, the small engine also results in the hybrid having only about 50% of the power of a regular car. A hybrid may only generate sixty to ninety horsepower.

Some hybrid cars will periodically shut off the gasoline engine—such as when the car is idling at a stoplight.

To overcome the lower power level, hybrid cars are designed with lightweight materials such as aluminum, magnesium or carbon fiber. Hybrids are also designed to maximize aerodynamics and slice through the air with a minimum of wind resistance. This may be accomplished by sleek front end design and even by replacing protruding mirrors with cameras.

Another way to reduce resistance is by making modifications to tires.  Regular tires are designed to provide a smooth quiet ride and good traction in different weather conditions. But they also create a lot of drag.  The tires on hybrid cars are stiffer and inflated to higer pressure, eliminating about half the drag of regular tires.

Hybrid car technology is under constant improvement to improve efficiency and provide an environmentally friendly transportation alternative.

Actual Demolition Recycling and Reuse Plan

I thought it may help someone to see our most recent Reuse plan, this project was done in Madison, WI.   A home was badly burned, and needed to be fully demo’d and removed – including the existing foundation, a simple, but effective plan:

1) Reuse Plan. FB from Habitat for Humanity ReStore said the fire was too much to be able to salvage materials from the home.  We spoke and he drove by to take a closer look, and returned the call saying there is nothing they can use in there.  I believe we talked and/or exchanged messages on May 20th, 21st, and 22nd.

Stanley will be doing the demolition and removal/recycling.  The large metal pieces are removed by Stanley and scrapped for recycle at Samuel recycling.  The remaining improvements are crushed and filtered with magnets for the remaining metals at Second Season.  They are then used in silt socks for erosion control.

2) Appliance Recycling.  The laundry – washer and dryer were not harmed by the fire, and will be reused by the owner.  The air conditioner condenser unit was checked and can be reused.  The furnace, although new and high efficiency, is shot from the fire hose water pouring into it.  This along with the hot water heater will be taken to Samuel for recycling.

3) Mecury Recovery/Recycling. The first two floors are completely shot, but we were able to pull 4 fluorescent bulbs and two fluorescent tubes from the basement.  The four bulbs work and are currently in line to be used in my home.  The tubes will be recycled.

4) Concrete/Asphalt Recycling. Concrete from the foundation will be taken to Northwestern where it is used again in gravel.

5) Metal Recycling. Large metal is stripped out by Stanley to be brought to Samuel and small metal is further filtered out with magnet at Second Season.

I had to remove the address

Online Bingo vs. Traditional Bingo

It is no secret that online bingo is becoming one of the fastest growing games of chance available. This really should not come as a surprise because of the simple rules and objectives of the game itself. There may be some question as to which is the better environment to play since the more traditional bingo hall has been a staple of many areas for a very long time. This question is not very easily answered because both offer their own unique advantages and atmospheres.

Depending on your personal preference and where you are located, the decision may be easier than you might think. While online bingo is becoming more popular with the younger generation, due to its convenience and portability, there is always room for the more traditional bingo hall with its energy and excitement.

The one major advantage that the online bingo halls have over the more traditional versions is the availability of large bonuses and incentives. All online bingo websites offer a “new player” bonus and most will offer additional smaller bonuses on every deposit. This has the advantage of more than doubling your playing budget in some cases.

When searching for an online bingo website, it is always a good idea to employ the services of a bingo referral website to find the best bingo sites and incentives. While both of these forums have their own unique features, the online bingo form of the game does have some clear advantages when it comes to convenience. There is no clear answer when it comes to which is better, online or traditional bingo; it is all a matter of personal preference and location.  But if you want to play free bingo from the comfort of your home, you will love playing online bingo on websites like bet365 bingo and moon bingo.

All Climate Storage

All Climate Self Storage is an extravagant facility located in Rochester, Minnesota. They are located in a safe and convenient area. This is a reputable company with experience that values their customers and understands their needs. If you need storage, then this is the place to go in Rochester.

They have a wide selection of units to meet your needs whether you are a business owner or a resident in need of extra space. All of the units are fully climate controlled to ensure ultimate protection of your property from moisture and temperature. This is extremely important for most needs because it will protect electronics, art, files, records, and much more. If you are taking the initiative to store your property, you should definitely protect it at all costs. At All Climate Self Storage, you are sure to get a unit with these high tech systems.

This company aims to please. That is why they offer full 24 hour access everyday of the year. They have an easily accessible location. Short term and long term leases are available. Expert personnel are onsite and ready to assist you. They even have packaging supplies available for purchase onsite to maximize efficiency.

All Climate Self Storage is a very secure facility. They have a safe location that is protected by multiple measures. They have controlled access with personalized codes to ensure that only authorized persons are entering the property and to monitor those who are entering. The facility is well lit with cameras everywhere to provide 24 hour surveillance. They really take a lot of precautions to ensure that your belongings are protected, so when renting with All Climate Self Storage you can rest assured that everything is safe.

Check out All Climate Self Storage today at 3112 Valleyhigh Dr NW or call them at 507-259-3188 to start benefiting from a high tech facility, that is secure, convenient, and affordable!